Why Electric

Why Electric Vehicles

EV’s are environmentally friendly vehicles that help us sustain
our planet and not increase our carbon footprint on it.

  • Less pollution and More Savings - They do not use
    traditional fuel to run, reducing their running cost in
    comparison, to the cost of running a vehicle with a
    combustible engine.


  • With regard to the Indian Market - the government has
    taken multiple measures to promote EV’s like.
  • Upto INR 80,000 direct Subsidy under FAME 2
  • No Registration charges
  • Only 5% Gst
  • No Road Tax
  • Varied local state benefits


  • Better and Brighter future for our children - your commitment
    to leave a better world for your children is the most
    important reason to go electric.

Smart Mobility

With IOT capability these vehicles are always connected allowing
you full control and unrestricted access to your fleet.

  • Track your fleet
  • Remote locking and unlocking
  • Live performance monitoring
  • Remote start and stop

Electric Vehicles are also the smart choice for today’s everchanging
and dynamic world, as a new technology they are on the forefront
the new world.