About Us

About Dandera

The term Dandera, is inspired by the Egyptian word Dendara,
that was used to describe an age old Egyptian electrical lighting
technique. Just as the ancient Egyptians, thought of techniques
far ahead of their time as they built the mighty pyramids, we
here at Dandera aim to bring to the subcontinent vehicles, that
have advanced and sophisticated technologies that are the
need of the hour - for the planet and its people.

Our Philosophy

Dandera was born to cater to the growing need for abject
scarcity of an alternative to combustible fuel engines.
The idea is to device technologies suitable to commercial
vehicles and sustainable by the owner and the world
we live in. At the same time, nurture a healthy
and profitable working ecosystem.

Our Aim

Dandera’s Pledge :

“Reinventing Mobility with sustainable
cutting-edge technology”

Our Technology

Patented battery pack technology DanTECH is a
result of 2 years of R&D into the battery and Indian environment,
The only EV battery to be built for Indian climatic conditions,
be it Heat, Rain or Snow. DanTECH can take it all.

Market Trends

EV’s might not be new to the south Asian market, but their use has
been limited till now. This was due to high costs, low incentives
and overall lack of infrastructure to make adaptation to EV’s easy.
Today however the story is different- there are incentives by the
manufacturers and the government, making the use and
adaptation of EV’s easy and efficient. Dandera brings to the
market what other’s in its league are perhaps years away from.