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Frequently asked questions

As fast as you like.  Just like a petrol powered car/bike, you can modify and tune your
EV to reach optimum levels of performance. While most EV’s are commuter vehicles,
there are a few production cars that offer great performance. The most talked
about would be the Tesla Roadster; an all-electric sports car with a 0-60 mph
time of 3.6 seconds and 245 miles of driving range between charges.

On average, an EV with the older lead-acid batteries or valve-regulated lead-acid battery
packs or the new Lithium-Ion packs will charge fully overnight. The Otua can be charged in
under 2 hours. Technology is changing constantly, however, and with new battery technology
comes faster charging times. There is a possibility to completely charge an electric vehicle in
a matter of 20 minutes using DC charging.

Not for many years. Most offer warranties covering 5 years of driving on the lithium-ion
batteries. EV users have used batteries for more than 3 years already. One simple technique
that could be used to pay for the battery is to start a Recurring Deposit of Rs.2000 per month
for 3 years or more. Liquidate the RD after 3-4 years whenever the need arises to change the

Exactly how much will vary depending on the vehicle and electricity rates. On average, it
will be less than Rs 45 for an all-electric 3 or 2 wheeler. Your overall energy bill will be
lowered by driving with electricity. For example, Bajaj Maxima gives a mileage of 17km/p/kg.
At Rs 55 per Kg of CNG, the auto would need 9 Kgs to cover 150 km for a total cost of Rs 495
for the trip. The Dandera Electric 3 Wheeler would need 7 units of power for a full charge of
150 km. At Rs 7 a unit that would be Rs 49. So there you go, a person driving an Electric 3
wheeler saves Rs. 450 per 150 km driven, Basically, the more you drive the more you save.


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